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Straddling the Queensland-New South Wales border, the Tugun Bypass is hailed as the solution to the Gold Coast's worst traffic bottleneck. Providing a high-speed link between the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales and separating interstate from local vehicles, this $543 million, four-lane bypass cuts up to 20 minutes travel time and now means motorists can travel from the border to Gympie, more than 270 kilo metre, without a set of traffic lights. Abi Group SMEC Joint Venture in an alliance with Queensland Main Roads opened the 7.5 kilo metre stretch of the Pacific Highway to the public on June 2009, 6 months ahead of schedule. Currently 40,000 a day use the Bypass, however with steady population in the region, daily traffic is predicted to rise to 60,000 cars a day by 2017 with the option to extend the Bypass to 6 lanes.

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